Artwork:   The quality of your imprint begins with your artwork.  All screenprint orders requiring production art should include black and white line art.   We recommend digitally produced art for the cleanest, sharpest imprint.

Digital Art:   Also known as electronic art, art can be sent via e-mail, CD-ROM, ftp upload, or through a filesharing service.   For best results, create your art as vector art in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.  We use the latest versions of both programs.   Convert your fonts to curves in Corel Draw.  Convert your fonts to outlines in Adobe Illustrator.  We will need multicolor imprints in this format.  There will be a production charge for all art reworked or recreated.

For FTP UPLOAD information or other artwork questions, please email:

Multi-Color Art:   Cooler Graphics prefers to preview all multicolor art before acceptance of purchase order.  Some "tight" registrations and small text outlines may not produce acceptable results.  Four-color process (CMYK) or sublimation printing is also available for all products.

Art Hints:

• Stay away from art with a resolution of less than 300 dpi....that means NO 72 dpi JPEG or GIF files - low-resolution prints can be very hard to convert to vector or print with blurry results in sublimation.

• Always send a hardcopy of art with specifics by fax, mail, or email. JPGS and PDF's are accepted as hard proofs.

• AVOID SENDING PowerPoint, Word, PageMaker, Quark, or Microsoft Publisher files. Under most circumstances we cannot process these prints accurately.

• For compression we recommend WinZip or 7-Zip.

• For Filesharing services, we recommend services like Hightail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive. (All of these options offer free filesharing services.)

Proofs:   Cooler Graphics provides faxed paper proofs or e-mailed virtual proofs for fee of $8.00.

Artwork Standards for All Products:   In order to give you the highest quality imprint, we have developed some artwork guidelines, which include minimum line weights and font sizes.  All copy for screenprinting should be comparable to Arial 12 pt or higher.   Sublimation printing can accept copy comparable to 10pt or higher.   Screenprint lines and gaps should be no thinner than 1 pt.  We will redraw halftones and reset copy when necessary.  We reserve the right to modify your art if it does not meet these quality standards.  Cooler Graphics also reserves the right to delay or reject any order based on artwork received.


Please email about obtaining a template.



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